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From minor tooth adjustments to whitening and veneers, our cosmetic dentistry services can give you a smile to be proud of


Have you ever thought that your teeth used to look whiter, or that you wished they weren’t so dark or yellow? Whitening your teeth may be just the way to get that smile you’ve hoped for!

With all the media attention and products available, you may have found choosing a way to whiten your teeth a bit confusing.

The most predictable and safest way to brighten your smile is through a professional system that your dentist monitors.

We offer two types of whitening systems. 

Cosmetic Services

In office, one visit professional whitening technique. The procedure is done in our office and takes approximately 1  ½ hours.  Results can be seen immediately.

Take Home kits include custom made mouthpieces that fit over your teeth and the whitening solution. This solution is more effective than over the counter products and contains desensitizers as an added bonus. We give you all the instructions on how to use this kit. Generally you will see results in two weeks. 

You can discuss with Dr. Lessig the type of whitening system that would be best for you.

Please note, that fillings, crowns, bridges, and any other type of dental restoration you have will not change color. You should discuss this with your dentist before you try any whitening system.


Tired of having a “metal mouth”? Don’t like the look of those old fillings you have? We offer tooth colored fillings to restore your teeth to their natural look.

Composite bonded fillings are used as an alternative to amalgam (metal) fillings. These are beautiful, natural looking fillings that are becoming increasingly popular. Composites are very hard tooth colored resins.


Inlays/Onlays are beautiful, natural, strong restorations made out of different types of dental porcelains. These porcelain restorations are processed in a dental lab and have superior strength over the resin composite materials. They also last longer than fillings. 

Ask Dr. Lessig which type of restoration is best for you.


Bonding is when we use Composite fillings to improve the appearance on front teeth. Whether your smile is compromised due to chipped teeth, decay, discolorations, or gaps, bonding may be an economical and easy solution.

Bonding may require little to no tooth reduction. These kind of restorations may need changing out after a few years depending on wear and discoloration.

Porcelain Veneers are also a conservative, natural looking way to close gaps, change color, size, shape and total look of your smile.  These are best described as thin porcelain coverings on the front of teeth to give a natural look. Minor tooth preparation may be necessary. Porcelain veneers are fabricated by a dental lab. Porcelain veneers are beautiful, durable and do not discolor with time.


Sometimes teeth are partially covered by excessive gums hiding the true shape of the teeth. In other cases the gum heights are uneven and detract from a full attractive smile. Laser gum reshaping will help in giving your smile a more symmetrical look. 

Ask about a Smile Design today!