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Preventive dental care and regular exams are vital to preserving your good dental health

Part of our philosophy of patient care is to educate our patients about their own dental care and prevent diseases whenever possible.

Regular Exams

Your Initial Comprehensive Exam and Periodic, or Recare Exams are the cornerstones to good prevention.

When Dr. Lessig performs the comprehensive exam and Recare Exams, she always does an Oral Cancer Screening exam as well as a Head and Neck exam. This is probably the most important preventive service that is often overlooked elsewhere.

Periodontal Screening

You will receive a thorough Periodontal Health Screening upon your initial visit, and with every other Recare Exam. This includes a full mouth examination and measuring of your gums. We compare our notes with current X rays to be sure you are fully aware of your periodontal health status and needs.


Sealants are the best protection for the chewing surfaces of teeth! Most dental decay forms in the crevices of teeth, where food and bacteria congregate and is not easily brushed away. Sealants are a plastic type resin that is flowed into these grooves to prevent the decay from starting. It is important to get sealants soon after the permanent teeth are erupted on children. While we normally seal permanent teeth, it can also be desirable to place sealants on baby teeth as well.

Why place Sealants?

Sealants are a non-invasive, easy and affordable way to prevent decay in the most commonplace decay starts – in the grooves of teeth. If decay starts in a tooth, the tooth will never be the same. Once a filling is placed, it most assuredly will need to be replaced because of wear, breakage or leakage. Every time a tooth is filled, it becomes a larger filling, and additional trauma to a tooth. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could prevent this? Sealants are just one way.

Things to remember about sealants:

•  Seal the tooth as soon as it erupts before decay has a chance to start.
•  Sealants can be pulled out by sticky foods and candy.
•  Sealants do not prevent decay that forms BETWEEN teeth…only flossing and good oral hygiene can do that.
•  Sealants are EXCELLENT prevention for top surfaces of teeth.
•  Sealants are not just for kids! Any tooth with deep grooves is a candidate for sealing


Most of us are familiar about fluoride treatments, but never fully understand their benefit. Fluorides not only protect our teeth from decay, but also help with sensitive teeth. There are various forms of fluoride available.

We routinely perform Fluoride Varnish treatments on all of our patients at their cleaning and periodontal maintenance visits. Diet and medications directly affect the acidity of your mouth, which increases the rate of tooth and root decay. Studies have shown a Fluoride Varnish treatment is a helpful and important defense.